Walk the Same Trail

… see something new every time. Beauty abounds, all year long. I have photographed this exact spot a zillion times. This morning, something new once again, and the texture, complexity, depth of layers, color, line and light all added up to a welcoming opening to walk through. Nature never disappoints. Always Love, Brenda  


Dog photography and Puppy photos. Did you know that I have another website? phoDOGraphy, I started in 2010, offering dog photos and puppy photography, then took a break for many years and started up again in 2017. You will find my portfolio here : phoDOGraphy.CA Thanks! Look at these cuties! Brenda

Intentional Camera Movement

Think like a painter. I do. I was a painter first, a photographer second. Photography came much later after painting. Or did it? When I look back in old photo albums, I took a lot of photos as a young girl, and almost all photos were of of wildlife (zoo) and animals and pets. Rarely…

Creative Experimentation

With all the gorgeous fall colors I’ve been seeing online, I’ve been searching for stunning locations also. Sometimes it’s not meant to be, so you need to change tracks, go with the flow and just have fun. I found no locations with the type of imagery I wanted to create, so I let it go…

a lonely fall day

I promised myself to take at least one photo a day and post online, whether award winning or subpar. Why? Commitment. To commit to not give up even if the going gets tough, which it has been lately. Titled : “a lonely fall day”   Always Love, Brenda (p.s. A brand new Website is coming…

Vancouver Island RAIN

‘tis the season. The beauty of Vancouver Island is a daily “ahhhhh” no matter where you go, no matter the time of year. It truly is a visual paradise. Fall brings rain. And more rain. And usually, more rain. What a perfect way to celebrate my love of the abstract, in art and photography.  

Fall Colors

Fall brings a color palette rich with life; orange and red and yellow along with a multitude of varied greens, which are a welcomed sight on Vancouver Island in the fall, which can be overwhelmed by gray gray gray.