Walk the Same Trail

… see something new every time. Beauty abounds, all year long. I have photographed this exact spot a zillion times. This morning, something new once again, and the texture, complexity, depth of layers, color, line and light all added up to a welcoming opening to walk through. Nature never disappoints. Always Love, Brenda  


Dog photography and Puppy photos. Did you know that I have another website? phoDOGraphy, I started in 2010, offering dog photos and puppy photography, then took a break for many years and started up again in 2017. You will find my portfolio here : phoDOGraphy.CA Thanks! Look at these cuties! Brenda

Intentional Camera Movement

Think like a painter. I do. I was a painter first, a photographer second. Photography came much later after painting. Or did it? When I look back in old photo albums, I took a lot of photos as a young girl, and almost all photos were of of wildlife (zoo) and animals and pets. Rarely…