Podcast Episode 2: COURAGE

As a brand new podcaster, this fun audio experiment, The Brenda Johima Show, gives me as an artist, a perfect platform to use the power of my voice for GOOD. Bringing in voice alongside my other creative endeavours like art, painting, writing and especially my love of photography, is a JOY and a natural progression.…

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The Brenda Johima Show (Podcast)

Long time no post. Well at least I waited for something super important to share. I finally am getting my new podcast online … after weeks and months or more of delays. For now, it is called “The Brenda Johima Show” because after all the other gazillion podcast titles I came up with, I realized…

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TRY Anything and Everything

I think that with what was a trend towards trying to have the perfectly curated Instagram account …I am glad that I am older and wiser to know better. Or shall I say, I choose my inherent creativity over curation. The internet is a playground for me, a place for me to experiment and to…

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RAIN Dancing on Horsetails

The best time to make photos, if you don’t want any company, and to find peace and solitude, is to go out in the rain into the forest with camera. Why is nobody else in there in the rain? The colours are so vibrant, the multitude of greens so lush, the scents and smells of…

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