When Stress Hits

No matter the time of day or night, when stress hits, there’s always something you can do to help your mind and body feel better. 3AM insomnia lead me to get up and first do some stretching and then to start juicing and to turn on positive affirmations in the background on YouTube for an…


Dog photography and Puppy photos. Did you know that I have another website?

phoDOGraphy, I started in 2010, offering dog photos and puppy photography, then took a break for many years and started up again in 2017. You will find my portfolio here : phoDOGraphy.CA

Thanks! Look at these cuties!

Melodica and Breath

Melodica / melodion is a wonderful instrument for healing, for breath work, brain and wellness. I’m currently experimenting with melodion as a total beginner, using it as a meditative tool, to focus on the breath and to take my mind off of other things. So far it’s working well.

Always Love,